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About Justitium International Sports Arbitrage – JISA

We are members of the Justitium International Alliance of independent law firms. With more than 180 lawyers and 20 debt recovery agencies in 23 countries, JISA assists clients manage contractual and financial disputes. With local experience, knowledge and presence on your side, our team of experts will deploy best methods and practices to assist you in successfully solving your dispute anywhere in Europe. We provide both Prelegal collection and Legal representation.


Commited to our clients – 100 %

We understand your commitment as a professional athlete who leaves 100 % from the training session to the game day. As you commit to your career and the club your represent, we commit to getting you paid for all the hard work. Once your contractual rights are breached by the club, we will be the tip of the spear demanding what is righfully yours while you fully focus on your daily routines.


Understanding athletes needs

In most cases, agreements between professional athletes and clubs require inside knowledge and experience. This includes understanding of the athletes expenses, spending habits, and other potential costs (family, education, heatlh, etc.). All of the above is essential to our clients and as such we are comitted to securing that all contractual obligations are fullfilled and honoured by our clients clubs.

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Office Eastern Europe:
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