Legal Representation


In cases where clubs are unwilling to make a payment through out-of-court agreement, legal action becomes the next step to compel a debtor to meet their obligation. JISA can provide you with cost effective course of action.

We like to give clear and simple explanations of the options available when starting legal action. It is our policy to discuss the exact costs with you before we proceed with any action. We are trying to make it clear for you to see what it will cost and what kind of service you’ll get for your money.

It is worth noting, that when legal action is instituted on behalf of a client, we are able to offer substantially reduced costs of lawyers, due to the volume of files that our international network handles, whilst having the local knowledge of the legal system, customs and culture that are essential in effective money recovery.


Legal costs are determined by the standard local court scale and your JISA representative will ensure that prior to the start of each stage of legal action, you are aware of the costs involved and are given the complete picture of possible outcomes. This ensures that clients always remain in a position of understanding and being informed in a manner that allows clear decision making on the most cost-effective action. Since legal costs may differ from country to country, JISA provides clients with a calculator for legal debt recovery where the costs are calculated on the basis of the debt amount and country of debt.

When deciding for most suitable action to recover the debt, we offer a range of approaches to collection, depending on the desires and needs of our clients.

Whether seeking a solution for the recovery of unsettled fees from your former or currect club, our nearest law office will provide proper solution.