Prelegal Collection


At this phase, our local team consisting of experienced lawyers and debt collection experts enters into communication with your club before going to court. With full time dedication by our staff, we negotiate with your current or former club to pay what is owed to you based on the contract. After closely examining your situation, our local staff communicates with the executive representatives of the club to reach a swift solution – payment. In the case when club officials refuse to settle the dispute through out-of-court agreement, our legal team presents the club with pending legal action.

Our team will provide you with a free-of-charge plan for legal action. To find more about our legal representation, click here.

NO success – NO fee


Trusting in our expertise and proven methods, we take all the risk. There are no starting, no fixed, no hidden fees during management of your case! We get paid after you get paid. Our commission is determined individually for every case. Contact us to secure your exclusive deal today.