Not getting paid by your club?
– We have the solution!

In ever changing world of sports, professional athletes face challenges on and off the field. Among such challenges is getting paid by your club. Unfortunately, more and more clubs fail to honour the rights of athletes – such as failure to pay your contract fees. Whether this happens after you get transfered, sold to another club or during your contract with the club, we can provide you with professional representation to get what you earned.

Our team consists of international experts with years of experience in the field of debt recovery and arbitrage in financial disputes. Our goal is to get you paid in the shortest possible time. After closely studying your case, we dedicate a team of specialists to represent you and communicate settlement with your club. Thanks to our wide international network, we will always speak with your club in their country. Even after your career has taken you to another country or even continent, we will be present in the location of the dispute.

Contact us today and secure a team of professionals to get your money – risk free!

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